Economic Impact Catalyst takes great pride in ensuring that our employees have the ability and freedom to do what they love while working toward a bigger cause. This blog post centers around a conversation between McKenzie Dial-Fritscher, SVP of Operations at EIC, and Ramya Tirumala, Marketing Associate at EIC, in honor of Women’s History Month.

“I believe that if you set out to create an intentional, inclusive, and equitable workplace, you have the ability to foster such rich thought diversity from people who come from different walks of life. It is going to constantly challenge and improve who you are personally and professionally.” – McKenzie Dial-Fritscher

McKenzie’s Experience

McKenzie has worked with EIC since its very early years, and came aboard as the first employee in June of 2018. Her educational background began in English, and after completing her master’s degree and spending a stint teaching college English, she felt “there was something missing” as she struggled to feel that the work she was doing made a true impact. This was around the time she accepted a role at EIC. This happened organically, as she had searched for freelance positions on Upwork, and she was thankful to come across David Ponraj, our founder and CEO, to assist with any creative ideas he had at the time. Her passion to help others was what drove her to work at EIC. She developed a strong sense of empathy early on from seeing the work create impact in local communities. McKenzie feels that waking up every day and looking forward to her work allows her to truly love her position.

Personal Values in Alignment With Workplace Values

McKenzie strongly believes that her values align with those of Economic Impact Catalyst. During our conversation, she mentioned a phrase her uncle often repeated to her: “pressure is a privilege.” She feels as though motivating herself allows her to work harder than ever before. She recognizes how rewarding it is to put in hard work and see the good come out of it. This especially applies to receiving client success stories and testimonials. Seeing the effects of her work blossom into positive experiences for others is what makes all the difference. In McKenzie’s position, she works on finding the correct people to work at EIC based on character and passion. She ensures that space is made for everyone and strives to make sure everyone feel welcomed and comfortable in the workplace environment. She feels as though she learns something new from the team every single day, which sparks up even more conversations and questions. This signals that EIC is a dynamic and encouraging environment, inspiring enlightened discussion with everyone involved.

Education on Women’s History Month

There are so many aspects of being a woman that allow for growth, development, and passion. During women’s history month, this is especially the case. For McKenzie, being a mom has made her feel like she is now in tune with who she is. McKenzie and her son recently visited a public library, and chose some books about prominent women figures that have shaped the past and present. She understands how powerful it is to learn about historical figures, especially women. She encourages her son to learn about the importance of lifting up women who have had and will continue to have a strong influence. She feels incredibly fortunate to work at EIC, where there is an immense understanding of personal and work-life balance, allowing her to spend time with her son and family.

Success is a Persistent Act

McKenzie has recognized the success of those around her, particularly the women in her family. Her grandmother has persisted through many difficult times, including a lifelong experience with chronic illness. Through it all, her grandmother has learned how important it is to stay positive. McKenzie carries this work ethic into her own job and her life as well. McKenzie has a strong interest and passion for genealogical history. She stated that as a child, her grandma taught women’s self-defense and even “has a black belt in karate.” Her grandma has a strong drive to get up every day despite her chronic illness, and chooses to spend each day doing things she loves to do, like seeing her grandkids and great grandkids. Her face “lights up” when she sees the ones she loves, and to McKenzie, that is a reminder of always appreciating the things and people in her life that make her the happiest.

The Purpose of Women in Leadership

Without doubt, McKenzie thoroughly enjoys her position as SVP of Operations at EIC. McKenzie remarked: “It feels great to work here as a woman because we have a founder and CEO who truly values women and their experiences in ways other companies may not. Being a working parent and a working mother, EIC offers an immense amount of flexibility and understanding. Having a family and navigating that is something that our company celebrates. Family is strongly valued at EIC and EIC recognizes putting family first. I don’t have to sacrifice time with my child. Economic Impact Catalyst works against that corporate stigma to better the lives of women and working mothers.” This goes to show exactly how EIC lifts its employees up and encourages a strong and united working environment. This women’s history month and every month, EIC values the women who work here, seeking to encourage them to be who they are and to chase after their goals and dreams.

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