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Streamline your economic development efforts with a single platform for managing SSBCI, ARPA, Build Back Better, MBDA, and other initiatives.

Our Services

Startup space platform

A streamlined, tech-enabled approach to small business support. This customizable platform integrates all the tools, knowledge and support entrepreneurs need to start and grow a business in your community.

Market Research

Gain insights into small business needs or resource gaps by leveraging your license to Startup Space. Our team of experts can help you design and conduct surveys and market research to inform strategic initiatives, investment decisions, and policy.

impact reporting & advocacy

Access the metrics and insights needed to effectively understand and communicate the impact of your work with reporting tools, expertise, and resources available through EIC and Startup Space.

Platform Features

Dedicated Portal

Create your community’s main online destination for local small business resources and support. Login optional.


Mobile App

Deliver digitally inclusive assistance on desktop and mobile devices and a free mobile app. 


Resource Compass

Map your entrepreneurship ecosystem in a searchable digital resource guide with 24/7 navigation services.


Facilitate connection through a centralized local events calendar and live discussions between members.


Knowledge Center

Empower entrepreneurs with access to curated self-guided small business development content.



Mentorship & More

Turn on additional features to extend your online offerings including mentorship, coworking, group-based training, and more.




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More than 100 economic development entities across the U.S. use Startup Space to power thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Our Pricing

Basic Plan

$900/mo USD

Includes all standard tools and features with a limited service plan for smaller budgets.

Service Plan

12 hours initial onboarding support.
1 hour/mo ongoing administrative support. Limited customization.

    Essential Plan*

    $1,500/mo USD

    Includes single community hub, platform tools, ecosystem mapping and unlimited users and resources.

      Service Plan

      24 hours initial onboarding support.
      4 hours/mo ongoing administrative support. Full customization and branding.

        Enterprise Plan

        Custom Pricing

        Includes multiple community hubs each with platform tools and ecosystem mapping, unlimited users and resources.

          Service Plan

          Up to 120 hours/mo onboarding and ongoing administrative support. Customization, branding, custom tools.

            Not sure which option to choose?

            We have flexible plans that work for any size organization and market.

            Additional Platform Features

            Customizable Platform

            Bring the community together under your brand with a customized web portal, feature configurations, and external integrations.

            CRM & Surveys

            Manage members, track engagement, and measure impact over time using built-in profiles, surveys and CRM.



            Track key metrics for individuals and the community with real-time dashboard displays and dynamic reports.


            Assign roles for administrators, staff, users, and groups to control access to functionality and data. 


            Manage technical assistance, grants, or other training groups to improve and track outcomes over time.

            Support Services

            Dedicated onboarding and ongoing support from a passionate, highly experienced team.

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            Success Stories

            Erie Technology Incubator at Gannon University

            We (the Erie Technology Incubator) are new to Startup Space and began our journey with them in January 2023. I cannot stress enough how awesome the team is with regard to onboarding.

            Read More

            Kathy Roach
            Manager of Entrepreneurial Operations at the Erie Technology Incubator at Gannon University

            Invest Atlanta

            Startup Space powered by EIC was selected as the platform for Invest Atlanta’s RFP Digital Navigator Web Portal project as part of the American Rescue Plan to connect small businesses to experienced business consultants for one-on-one assistance. 

            Read More

            Jeff Morris
            Technical Assistance Program Manager, Invest Atlanta

            St. Louis Development Corporation

            We here at St. Louis Development Corporation needed a system that allowed us to form a community to provide different services for the entrepreneurs we work with to engage with us, and we also wanted to track business data and information.

            Read More

            Stacy Fowler

            SVP, Minority and Small Business Development

            An Economic Imperative

            EIC is changing the way economic developers approach their work through innovation, equity, wealth creation, thought leadership and client success.

            Case Studies

            Learn how economic developers are using tech-based solutions to create an ecosysystem of support for small businesses to thrive and measure the impact of their work.

            White Papers

            By tapping into EIC’s expertise in market research, you gain an edge in making data-driven decisions that will foster inclusion, drive innovation, and position your community for greater success in an increasingly diverse landscape.


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