We work with leading government agencies, nonprofits and economic developers across the U.S. to build the regional infrastructure needed to move the needle on entrepreneurship-led economic development.

Areas of Expertise

We have specific expertise in the following topic areas and can provide information to support your research, reporting or general inquiries.


As a company founded by an immigrant person of color who struggled to find the resources to grow his first small business, we are uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities build wealth, autonomy and improve outcomes for their communities. If you have a question about how economic developers can support and prioritize entrepreneurs, we can help.


The historic events of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice movement have revealed that the traditional entrepreneurship infrastructure in the United States—particularly in the areas of banking and finance—has failed underserved communities. We can speak to the power of data-driven technology to help the American economy overcome our equity challenges and create greater opportunity for all.


Ecosystem builders are increasingly using a “hub and spoke” model to improve program design and inclusivity. The hub and spoke model allows for the creation of a centralized structure to leverage funding opportunities and improve entrepreneurial outcomes and outreach. We can share examples of hub and spoke models being developed in rural and urban ecosystems across the country.

Data Collection & Impact Measurement

Ecosystem builders need data to inform their work and support fundraising efforts. Moreover, they need a system that eases the burden of data collection, management and analysis. We can advise on best practices for collecting data to track program efficacy and resource gaps, report outcomes, design interventions and change policy.

Media/Speaking Requests

David Ponraj is a sought-after serial entrepreneur, tech business leader, and soon-to-be published author helping thousands of underrepresented and underserved small business owners across the United States break down barriers to personal and economic success. In his talks, he shares how entrepreneurs can and economic development entities can work together to realize their visions. From Chambers of Commerce and business schools to community centers and seminars, David is available to speak wherever enterprise is welcome. Please tell us more about your event.

EIC-Published White Papers

We produce research, white papers, and events that illustrate how entrepreneurship contributes to wealth creation, autonomy, improving the standard of living and empowerment for individuals from BIPOC communities.

Latest White Paper

Best practices for creating an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, with real-world case studies from ecosystems throughout the U.S. This paper explores ecosystem navigation models and discusses the role technology and data can play in addressing equity challenges within entrepreneurship.

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The EIC Catalyst Network’s perspective on how entrepreneurship contributes to wealth creation, autonomy, improving the standard of living and empowerment for individuals from BIPOC communities.


Our “Breaking Down Barriers” podcast  is an ongoing conversation on innovation led by David Ponraj and guests from the entrepreneurship-led economic development community. 


The Catalyst Network brings together practitioners in entrepreneurship-led economic development to share best practices and professional resources to catalyze their ability to make a positive, equitable economic impact.

We welcome guest blog submissions, industry updates, presentation partners and co-authors. Contact us to share your thoughts.