An Economic Imperative

EIC is changing the way economic developers approach their work through innovation, equity, wealth creation, thought leadership and client success. By bringing new perspectives to the field, EIC is demonstrating the power of prioritizing historically underserved populations to drive economic growth. The organization is providing a model for how economic development organizations can leverage empathy, data-driven insights, and community-informed solutions to build more just, resilient and vibrant economies. As a recognized thought leader, EIC is catalyzing important conversations and shifting mindsets within the industry to reimagine the potential of entrepreneur-focused development.

Achieving Impact, Together

EIC is an essential building block for  leading government agencies, nonprofits and economic developers across the country who are looking for new ways to empower entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. As we support their work through our tools and services, we also serve as a connector between these agencies and catalyze their ability to learn from one another, collaborate, develop and share best practices, and move the needle on entrepreneurship-led economic development.

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Case Studies

Learn how economic developers are using tech-based solutions to create an ecosysystem of support for small businesses to thrive and measure the impact of their work.

Connecting Underserved Small Business to Opportunity

The Commons on Champa (The Commons), a program of the Downtown Denver Partnership, is a first-of-its-kind economic development initiative to enhance public access to entrepreneurship resources and support. In 2019, The Commons implemented a virtual hub and searchable digital resource guide on Startup Space for entrepreneurs from underserved neighborhoods. To ensure a vibrant and democratized ecosystem for this region, The Commons hub on Startup Space organizes 100+ small business support organizations, delivers data analytics and tools to manage public coworking space and entrepreneurship training programs.

Building a Regional Business Support Network

The New Economy Initiative was founded by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan in 2007 to coordinate a large-scale effort to build and fund a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation for underserved entrepreneurs in the region. Startup Space provides the virtual platform for a network of organizations to deliver technical assistance to small business. In addition, the network uses Startup Space to conduct market research leading to insights about small business needs. In 2021, research conducted through Startup Space capabilities resulted in a public policy response to make PPP loan distribution more equitable and available to the region’s microbusinesses.

EIC-Published White Papers

We produce research, white papers, and events that illustrate how entrepreneurship contributes to wealth creation, autonomy, improving the standard of living and empowerment for individuals from BIPOC communities.

In the News

See how EIC is empowering innovative businesses and energizing local economies through our press page, which includes the latest news and media coverage on EIC and our expertise and programming.

Other Areas of Expertise

EIC offers services in market research, data analytics, consulting, workforce training, and grant management, to drive economic opportunities and prosperity in communities across the U.S.

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