Incubator Management

EIC provides end-to-end capabilities to partner with organizations and manage customized incubator and accelerator programs targeted to their communities. With its diverse expertise, tailored resources, and commitment to economic empowerment, EIC collaborates closely to help partners develop and operate programs that accelerate ventures and provide real opportunities.

Curriculum Design

EIC provides curriculum design consulting to help incubators and accelerators develop customized educational programs that accelerate business growth. By assessing your target audience and objectives, EIC’s experienced consultants build curriculum frameworks focused on achieving your specific goals for supporting entrepreneurs.

Operations & Infrastructure

Leveraging both its in-house team and proprietary Startup Space platform, EIC provides end-to-end operational support and infrastructure to streamline and enhance incubator and accelerator programming. From participant management to program delivery and data insights, EIC offers customized solutions that facilitate effective operations and optimize the accelerator experience.


Eligibility & Intake

With applicant success in mind, EIC partners with organizations to develop customized eligibility and intake strategies that filter for the most promising ventures. By assessing your objectives and ideal cohort, EIC helps define applicant criteria, streamline intake workflows, and evaluate applicants effectively.


EIC helps organizations craft targeted fundraising strategies and research the right investors and grants for their needs. EIC provides advisory services to identify available funding opportunities, designs pitches tailored to specific investors or funding sources, and executes fundraising plans to support your incubator operations.

Evaluation & Success Metrics

Leveraging decades of data analytics expertise, EIC partners with organizations to establish evaluation criteria, collect meaningful data, and regularly assess outcomes to quantify success. EIC helps determine the right metrics, gathers insights, and identifies improvement opportunities to maximize your program’s impact.


About Economic Impact Catalyst

Economic Impact Catalyst creates best-in-class, technology-enabled solutions to support entrepreneurship-led economic development. We work in more than 100 markets in the United States to help entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities build wealth, autonomy, and improve outcomes for their communities. In addition to access to the Startup Space platform, we provide meaningful data and surveys to help our clients understand their impact and drive policy.

Recent Launches

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Other Areas of Expertise

In addition to incubator and accelerator program development, EIC offers services in consulting, workforce training, grant management, and research to drive economic opportunities and prosperity.

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