Women’s History Month: Focus on Ana Cotua, EIC’s Senior Financial Analyst

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Our Stories

Economic Impact Catalyst takes great pride in ensuring that our employees have the ability and freedom to do what they love while working toward a bigger cause. This blog post centers around a conversation between Ana Cotua, Senior Financial Analyst, and Ramya Tirumala, Marketing Associate at EIC, in honor of Women’s History Month.

“I believe that everything is connected in the organization. What we do is reflected in our numbers, and I can help with the data to achieve all the goals in the company.” – Ana Cotua

Ana’s Experience

Ana Cotua is the senior financial analyst at Economic Impact Catalyst. She has worked with EIC for over a year. Her personal journey being born in Venezuela has a strong impact on who she is and who she has become. She has a background in finance, and started working in this sector when she was 18 years old. Her favorite part about working at EIC is the team that surrounds her. Everyone is really communicative and understanding, as she states. It allows her to sincerely enjoy the work that she does everyday knowing it is making an impact. Because Ana leads the finance department, it is important for her to update leadership on the data, transactions, and financial information. She recognizes that it is a “huge responsibility.” Ana mentioned an interesting statement from CEO and founder David Ponraj: “Everyone is a superstar in what they do [at EIC].” She feels that this motivation allows her to continue striving towards her goals.

When Strong Company Culture Takes Effect

Ana herself has experienced just exactly how EIC’s culture reverberates around the meaning of “curiosity.” She strongly believes in the essence of being proactive, and this is why she reiterates that communication is prevalent at EIC. When Ana joined EIC, she spearheaded the start of the finance department. Throughout her role, it has been important for her to keep track of transactions. At first, she had to determine the needs of the company, and specifically, her department. A lot of the work was retroactive, so updates and correct choices needed to be made. She tuned into her “curious” nature and asked questions along the way, ensuring that everyone in the company understood every financial decision that took place. She also recognizes the importance of utilizing financial resources such as industry organization websites and more to constantly learn and grow her expertise. Taking advantage of online educational resources allows for the growth mindset to take effect.

How Women’s History Month Translates into Personal Life

Ana has another role as well, being a mother. There are rewards and challenges that come with this role. At times, it is necessary to take care of her daughter if she is sick or take her to school. EIC completely understands this necessity and will ensure that time is set aside for her to spend time with her child. Ana strongly believes that recognizing the work and effort women put in on a daily basis to support their own families and themselves is key for women’s history month, but also every day. For Ana, her position allows her to fully delve into her expertise in finance, as she states “My biggest success has been that I have helped a lot with decision making in the past year to improve our numbers and continue to maximize our year-over-year growth. I feel like the company money is like my own [where] every penny matters. It’s a huge responsibility, and I need to be great at prioritization.” Learning her true strengths in this role has allowed her to continue growing both personally and professionally.

Favorite Aspects of Women’s History Month

During Women’s History Month, it is so important to Ana for others to “recognize, separately, the place women have in society.” She also recognizes this in her daily life, especially with her mother, who is her biggest role model. In the past few years, much of her life has become taking care of her family and her daughter. Ana pointed out that EIC “always puts the people first, and there should be a balance between the company goals and the wellness of the people.” The part of EIC that Ana loves most is the fact that the majority of the team consists of women, and that the company acknowledges the strengths of its female employees. 

Female Role Models Who Enact Inspiration

For Ana, her mother is her biggest role model. She stated, “we all learn from example.” For her, that example is her remarkable mother. Her mother always lifts her up when there are victories to celebrate at work, and is constantly rooting for her success. For many, having a support system to look forward to is a highlight that allows for goal-achievement. Throughout Ana’s life, her mother has been a cheerleader. She has supported her through her schooling years and always encouraged her to do well. Her mother also helped her to become more independent, which made the most difference when she moved from Venezuela to the United States. One takeaway that Ana will always remember is when her mom told her to “always be great in your career and goals and be consistent.” Ana moved to Florida when she was around 35 years old. Right now, her mom is here in Florida with her. They spend a lot of time together and having her so close has been beautiful for Ana and her family.

How Identity Translates Into Ability

Being part of a majority female-involved company has allowed Ana to truly open herself up to being in her role. She feels that the fact that the company consists of mainly women is a standard and example to set for future generations, especially younger girls. Her daughter asks her everyday what she has done at work, and thinking about it brings a smile to her face. Knowing she’s making a true impact to help minority-owned businesses go that extra mile means the world to her, especially since she herself is an immigrant and minority. She also remarked “EIC is a minority-owned business, and that’s what makes it special.” The women at the company and the employees in general can handle a lot of various roles. That is exactly what makes EIC an inclusive company, with its ability to reach out and connect with its clients while also developing a diverse team.

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