University, MS – The Mississippi Small Business Development Center (Mississippi SBDC) is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Economic Impact Catalyst to conduct a comprehensive research study on the state of small and large businesses in Mississippi.

This timely study will provide crucial data-driven insights into the current landscape, pressing challenges, and growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners across the state. The findings will directly inform the Mississippi SBDC’s strategies and initiatives to better serve the Mississippi business community in the years ahead. 

“As the State Director of the Mississippi Small Business Development Center, I am thrilled about the potential this partnership with Economic Impact Catalyst holds for our state,” said Sharon Nichols, State Director of the Mississippi SBDC. “Through this comprehensive research study, we aim to shed light on the specific needs and opportunities within Mississippi’s dynamic business environment. We believe that a robust understanding of the landscape will lead to targeted strategies that can accelerate growth, drive innovation, and strengthen the backbone of our economy—the entrepreneurs and business owners.”

To gather essential perspectives, the Mississippi SBDC is distributing a confidential survey to small and large businesses with the support of the state’s network of economic support organizations (ESOs). ESOs’ participation is instrumental to the success and impact of this research. By sharing the survey with their membership, ESOs help ensure the study accurately captures the real needs of Mississippi businesses.

“We are ecstatic to partner with the Mississippi SBDC on this important initiative,” says David Ponraj, CEO of Economic Impact Catalyst. “Their commitment to understanding the needs of Mississippi businesses through data-driven insights will reveal crucial information that helps drive economic growth and empowers entrepreneurs and business owners across the state of Mississippi. We eagerly anticipate the findings that will inform strategies to better support and strengthen Mississippi’s business community.”

This study and partnership exemplify the Mississippi SBDC’s commitment to data-driven support for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. We look forward to sharing the findings with our partners as we continue working together to uplift Mississippi businesses. To learn more about the study, please visit

About Mississippi SBDC

Founded in 1981, the Mississippi SBDC Network, provides business services via 15 centers and sites strategically located throughout the state and successfully links the state’s higher education system with community outreach to aid in the development and education of the state’s entrepreneurs and small business community. Our mission is to foster Mississippi’s entrepreneurial ecosystem; providing businesses expertise and resources that drive success. Core services include one-on-one counseling, training events, business services, and funding assistance. 

About Economic Impact Catalyst

Economic Impact Catalyst creates best-in-class, technology-enabled solutions to support entrepreneurship-led economic development. We work in more than 100 markets in the United States to help entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities build wealth, autonomy, and improve outcomes for their communities. In addition to access to the Startup Space platform, we provide meaningful data and surveys to help our clients understand their impact and drive policy. Learn more about our solutions, our mission, and our clients at