Mentorship is an extensive relationship between a mentor and mentee. A mentor is a professional with a host of information they can supply to an entrepreneur or a small business (mentee). A mentee will seek out a knowledgeable mentor for guidance with their needs and challenges when building a business. Within the Startup Space platform, mentorship is a way to make connections using the pairing feature. The mentorship feature accelerates the regular handshaking process, which still creates a relationship between mentor and mentee, but with greater ease. This feature can also track hours spent between mentor and mentee, as well as the number of sessions spent learning. Members can easily search and find one another based on multiple filters, including expertise, industry, and language. The system matches those together who have similar interests or purposes.

How the Mentorship Feature Can Assist

Effectively matching a mentee with the right mentor can be difficult and time-consuming. Using the mentorship matching feature is an efficient way to make connecting with the right mentor much simpler. With our survey tool, mentorship applications can be used to connect mentors and mentees quickly as well as gather necessary data. Filtration and recommended matches allow for the right mentor and mentee to be paired with one another. The mentorship feature itself has many aspects that can help the mentor and mentee. The dashboard helps the mentor by being able to review requested mentee sessions, review a list of recommended mentees, individually message mentees to ask questions, and reach out to mentees with a session request. The dashboard helps mentees by allowing them to view requested mentor sessions, review recommended mentors, message mentors, and find open sessions. By navigating to the dashboard, pairing a mentor and mentee is made easy with the use of the platform. 

Ideal Prospect for Mentorship Programs

For the perfect use cases of the mentorship product, it is important to look at universities and chambers. The reason these are the ideal fit is the fact that both universities and chambers often use mentorship as a way to help their students or members grow, professionally. Mentorship is a key feature for these groups as it allows for pairs to learn from each other and expand their knowledge. The end users for these universities and chambers are usually entrepreneurs, business owners, and university students. The true goal is to gain more hands-off experience when it comes to mentorship matching. This means that the experience does not need to include personal assistance every step of the way, rather, both the mentor and mentee can commence the relationships through the platform, translating to ease of use for mentors and mentees. 

The Ability to Fund Mentorship Programs

Funding for these mentorship programs usually depends on if there are volunteer programs or not, as well as if mentors are under a contract. Mentorship programming usually works best when an organization already has other programs in place. This allows for funding to come from many places, including non-profit organizations, government grants, and more. This funding can turn into many helpful additions to a business, including but not limited to training, access to technology, and ongoing support which can better develop the small business. Donors may also choose to fund a mentorship program out of personal interest, or for social cause. Once both the mentors and mentees begin using the platform, they can easily communicate and develop their relationships. 

Pain Points and Solutions

The pain points these kinds of prospects have is that they do not have a streamlined tool that allows for easy access of mentees and data. Those relationships that are created are typically created through a long, extensive and hands-on process that does not allow for other experiences to take place. With the help of the mentorship feature on the Startup Space platform, these relationships can be created with little to no effort on the universities/chambers.

To alleviate the pain points and provide a sense of relief for these qualms, the product allows for hands-off matching of mentor and mentees. This matching is quite accurate and allows for both mentors and mentees to be in a relationship based on similar interests and areas of expertise. This allows them to continue talking about topics they both care about. There is also quicker set-up and usage, which saves a lot of time and effort. This allows for higher efficiency and greater production on behalf of the prospect/company. The program also includes a simpler scheduling system, allowing mentors and mentees to easily schedule any events or meetings. There is also a simple, straight-to-the-point interface that allows both the mentor and mentee to easily complete any tasks needed. The interface can be thoroughly investigated and examined on any client calls with us here at EIC.

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