In this Special Edition episode of Breaking Down Barriers, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, host David Ponraj has an in-depth and raw conversation with guest Johnny Crowder, entrepreneur and founder of Cope Notes, and advocate for mental health.

David and Johnny have shared a friendship and served as peers and advocates for each other through their entrepreneurial journey. Cope Notes and EIC both celebrate five years in business this month (May 2023.) They have both managed to reach this benchmark, despite the known, difficult barriers to entrepreneurship in the critical first five years of growth. This Special Edition podcast celebrates their combined achievement, while also acknowledging Mental Health Awareness. Entrepreneurs face many stresses that can affect their mental health – failure, stress, anxiety, and burnout, to name a few.

Johnny speaks candidly about his personal experience with mental health, and what piqued his interest in the psychology of the human mind, stemming from his own story, being a suicide survivor and front man for a death metal band.

Johnny speaks on the origins of his entrepreneurial journey, from startup to the 5-year mark.

Cope Notes’ main mission is to be the “tooth and floss” of the mental health world. Supportive messaging, instinctive journaling, and more can become a healthy daily habit that is integrated into all systems of care.

Visit copenotes.com, where you can register your company to use the tool for daily text messages that combine peer support, positive psychology, and digital journaling to improve mental and emotional health. You can also view Johnny’s TEDTalks, and sign up for a range of subscription choices, including group and enterprise.

Johnny would also love to speak at your organization, visit johnnycrowder.com to book a keynote or training.

Check out @johnnycrowderlovesyou on Instagram to connect, as well as Johnny Crowder on LinkedIn.

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