Leadership to Create Opportunity – In this episode, host David Ponraj interviews Garry Clark, President & CEO at Economic Alliance Snohomish County in Washington state, serving almost a million residents. Garry shares his heartfelt, spoken word “Why,” and the arduous barriers to entry, early in life, that motivated him to become a changemaker. This timely conversation about addressing the real needs of underserved communities was recorded just as the SBA announced its new Community Navigator grantees, proving that noticeable changes in systemic barriers won’t happen without action to move the needle. Garry shares that “to succeed in economic development, you must have passion for the work and a story to tell for your community, your county, and your entrepreneurs.” And Garry has a remarkable story to share.

Learn more Garry’s work at: www.economicalliancesc.org

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This podcast explores the opportunity to build wealth in local, regional, and national economies through entrepreneurship-led economic development. Episodes feature change makers with innovative approaches to empowering people to start businesses that create wealth for their families and improve outcomes for their communities. Conversations highlight work being done in communities across the U.S. to break down barriers to entrepreneurial opportunity in underserved and underrepresented communities. In this series, we share authentic stories about the impact that entrepreneurship-led economic development has on the local economy and connect a global network of passionate economic developers.

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