Inspiring Thought Leadership

At EIC, we recognize that making real change requires uniting and mobilizing diverse leaders committed to driving progress. That’s why we are dedicated to bringing together visionaries from across the economic development field to collectively reimagine best practices. By fostering connections between economic developers, policymakers, community partners, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders, we build a community where fresh thinking and new approaches can emerge. Our events, workshops, and convenings provide forums for changemakers to share ideas, inspire one another’s work, and collaborate to set the standard in entrepreneur-focused economic development. When we tap into the wellspring of innovative perspectives within our network, we can catalyze evolution in what’s possible. We invite you to add your voice and vision to our community as we work to inspire greater equity, sustainability, and prosperity in the field and beyond.

Insights That Spark Action

EIC’s Catalyst Network virtual events convene today’s brightest minds to discuss cutting-edge topics related to entrepreneurship and economic development. Past sessions have explored issues like ecosystem building, access to capital, small business policy, and technology’s impact on work. 

Access to Capital

Many small businesses struggle with the same problem: lack of access to capital. Learn how to help small businesses in your community get the capital their businesses need to thrive.

The Power of Microbusinesses

Microbusinesses (firms with 1-9 employees) are the most common kind of employer firm, according to the SBA. In this discussion, learn how economic developers are working to lower the barriers for microbusinesses to start, flourish, and make an even greater economic impact.

Equity and Inclusion

In this discussion, we think critically about how uniting entrepreneurial opportunity and economic development practice, with a focus on racial equity and the voice of underserved communities, is central to changing long-term economic outcomes for our communities.

Measuring Economic Impact

Is the investment in small business development worth the return? Can you isolate the effects of your initiatives on the local economy? Learn how economic developers are recognizing the impact of entrepreneurship in diverse communities across the country.

Discussion series

EIC is proud to present the Catalyst Network Discussion Series featuring conversations with nationally recognized thought leaders, experts, and visionaries about the practice of entrepreneurship-led economic development. This virtual series is open to the professional public free of charge. Subscribe today to receive speaker and registration announcements.

Past Speakers

EIC’s many compelling speaker events feature thought leadership and groundbreaking ideas from visionaries working to break down barriers to entrepreneurial opportunity. Previous events have sparked important dialogue around topics like equitable capital allocation, inclusive ecosystem mapping, policy reform, and localized economic growth strategies.

“Data is an advocacy tool for us but it’s also about who is at the table…the people closest to the pain should be closest to the power and shaping the solution.”

Betty Francisco, Boston Impact Initiative Fund

In the News

See how EIC is empowering innovative businesses and energizing local economies through our press page, which includes the latest news and media coverage on EIC and our expertise and programming.

Areas of Expertise

In addition to market research and data analytics programming, EIC offers services in consulting, workforce training, and grant management, to drive economic opportunities and prosperity.

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