Inspiring Thought Leadership

Bringing together visionaries from the field to inspire the practice of entrepreneurship-led economic development.

Discussion Series

Our discussion series are dedicated to advancing the practice of inclusive entrepreneurship-led economic development.

Policy & Advocacy

Victor Hwang

Right to Start, better policy, and a campaign to make entrepreneurship a public priority.

Story Telling

Pam Lewis

Case study exploring how Detroit created a inclusive culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Past Speakers

EIC’s many compelling speaker events feature thought leadership and groundbreaking ideas from visionaries working to break down barriers to entrepreneurial opportunity.

Betty Francisco

Boston Imact Initiative Fund

Mark Pelmore

Business Elevator, Champaign-Urbana, IL

Regina Ann Campbell

Build Institute, Detroit, MI

Dr. Dell Gines

Certified Economic Developer

Anika Horn

Founder of Social Venturers

Vanessa Roanhorse

Roanhorse Consulting

“Data is an advocacy tool for us but it’s also about who is at the table…the people closest to the pain should be closest to the power and shaping the solution”

Betty Francisco, Boston Impact Initiative Fund