We had an incredible first year at Web Summit. In fact, when I called in June to apply, I did not even have a set of wire frames for the app. In the four months since that first call, our team worked with maniacal speed to get ready for Web Summit. And every drop of sweat was worth the final outcome.

Here are a few highlights. We got users from over 20 new countries in 3 continents to download, create accounts, and engage on our app. We also doubled our revenue from last month with clients from EU and Africa. But the biggest highlight was that our customers at Web Summit validated our commercial product offering by buying our product. Here is what we heard from our clients, but before we go further, if you haven’t already downloaded our app, now would be a great time to pause and go get the coolest entrepreneur app on the planet here.

Simplify and amplify the message. Over the course of 3 days and 4 nights, we heard loud and clear from our clients that we need to simplify our message and then broadcast that message across all channels.

Focus on quality and speed. Now that we have paying customers on the platform, we have an obligation to those customers to work on getting every new release right, every time. Quality will now be just as important as speed.

Automate sales processes. To scale our business rapidly, we will need processes in place for sales, marketing and customer support, which is a very cool problem to have for a startup. Over the coming weeks, we will be putting in place several automated processes to ensure that we can build on the successes at Web Summit 2018.

In conclusion, we had a great Web Summit 2018. We had some many interesting conversations, met tons of startups just like us, living the dream and grinding it out every day. We also had serendipitous run-ins with some large VCs and incubators including Techstars and Entrepreneurs Organization. And of course our best interactions happened around 2 am each night at Night Summit.

So in the end, a big thank you to the beautiful host city, Lisbon, the organizers and our fellow startups who have inspired us to go back and work harder and smarter. Cheers!

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